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Lena Chang, Ph.D.


Dr. Lena Chang is an award-winning insurance actuary and co-founder of CURE Auto Insurance, NJ PURE Medical Professional Liability Insurance and Silver Rock Risk Solutions located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Dr. Chang came to the United States at age 16 and earned both a bachelor’s degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Illinois. Dr. Chang has held teaching posts in several universities in the United States. She also served as an assistant dean of the Temple University School of Business.  

Dr. Chang authored an article awarded the nationally acclaimed Clifford D. Spangler award by the American Risk & Insurance Association for her theorem of rating and risk evaluation as the most outstanding article contributing to the understanding of the profession and of the American Private Free Enterprise System.

In 2009, Dr. Chang was invited to join the China Center for Insurance and Risk Management (CCIRM) as a member of its Advisory Board for a three-year term.

Dr. Chang has been on the Board of Trustees of the renowned McCarter Theater in Princeton for many years. She is also proud to support the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra as the American Friend of the Choir and for which she was invited to its performance and dinner hosted by HRH Prince of Wales at the Buckingham Palace in May of 2017.