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Dr. Lena Chang

Lena Chang, PhD, is a national award-winning insurance actuary and co-founder of CURE Auto Insurance (formerly NJ CURE) in Princeton, New Jersey.

Born in China, Dr. Chang came to the United States at age 16, earned a bachelor’s degree in physics at age 19, and her doctorate in mathematics from the University of Illinois by the age of 23.

Dr. Chang was not only a professor at many universities, but she also served as an assistant dean of the Temple University Business School. She worked as an independent actuary at the Massachusetts Division of Insurance and coauthored an article awarded the nationally acclaimed Clifford D. Spangler Award for her theorem of rating and risk evaluation in 1989. This award is awarded by the Insurance and Risk Institute for publishing a mathematical theorem that has the largest ten-year impact on society.

Dr. Chang also started Massachusetts Employers Insurance Exchange in 1989 (currently AIM Mutual), a workers' compensation insurance reciprocal credited with bringing relief to the state’s workers' compensation crisis. AIM Mutual is currently rated A+ by A.M. Best.