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Society is Beginning to Reopen and so are your Practices.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Dear Valued Member Physician,

As we begin to turn the corner in the COVID-19 pandemic, society is beginning to reopen and so are your practices. As such, many of you have questions about the best way to reopen your office and how to protect yourselves, your staff and your patients. As always, NJ PURE and our team of experts are here to help. In an effort to continuously assist and support our providers, we authored the following model documents: an Office Re-Opening Policy, a Telephone Pre-Screening Questionnaire, an In-Person Pre-Screening Questionnaire and a COVID-19 Informed Consent form. These forms are for your information only and are not intended to convey legal advice. As the circumstances and applicable laws and regulations are constantly changing, please know that this information may be outdated very quickly. We encourage you to speak with your legal advisor about issues specific to your practice and your office. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Patricia McAndrew, Director of Loss Control Risk Management at 609-937-0955. We are grateful for the selfless dedication of our providers as you continue to keep your patients and the public safe and healthy during these difficult times.

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