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Bill Parcells understands what it takes to win. After all, he has had his share of success facing the highest levels of competition during his career. That's why it's no surprise Coach Parcells has selected NJ PURE as the leading medical professional liability insurer in New Jersey. Born and raised in New Jersey, like NJ PURE, he believes that integrity, transparency and stability are the ingredients it takes to make a champion.

Experience what it's like to be insured by a championship team, contact NJ PURE directly for more information and a quote.

Integrity Transparency Stability


In the 1970s, New Jersey physicians were faced with the first medical malpractice crisis with two of the largest insurers, St. Paul and Argonaut, making plans to withdraw from the state.


As the only direct writer of medical malpractice insurance in New Jersey, NJ PURE eliminates the traditional use of agents or brokers to market its policies. Learn more about our policies:


4th February 2011

Medical Liability: MIIX claims bar date extension granted.